Daily Skin Care RItual

We propose the following routine for your skin's daily needs.

1. Cleansing with Cleanser Antioxidant

It is important to start every skin care ritual by cleansing your face of makeup, impurities, pollution and bacteria before using a face mask. In this way, you open up the skin so that it can receive all the benefits of your skin care treatment. Mix one pump of Cicamed Cleanser Antioxidant with a few drops of water to work up small foam in the hand. Then massage your face in circular upward motions and finish by rinse thoroughly with water.

Alternatively, you can do an oil-infused cleanse, where you add Cicamed Intense Repair Facial Oil instead of water. Mix 1 pump of Cleanser Antioxidant with 5 drops of Intense Repair Facial Oil. Massage the solution in upward circular motions over a dry face to dissolve and remove makeup and impurities. Then rinse your face thoroughly with water.

2. Moisturizing toners

Use a moisturizing Toner on your skin if it is normal or dry. This is important for your skin to return to its normal PH balance. Cicamed Face Mist Sensitive makes your skin moisturized, feel good and you get a good base for the rest of your treatment.

3. Nourishing and caring serum

A nourishing and caring serum is important to ensure that your face does not dry out during the day. Serum C targets the issues you are most concerned about. Regardless of whether it concerns your skin's elasticity, resilience or well-being. Serum C is rich in vitamin C and B5, which stimulates your collagen production and gives a more even skin tone and restores its natural glow. If a more deeply acting serum is needed, use our Intense Repair Facial Oil to further restore and strengthen the skin barrier to counteract dry skin. Note that the oil is very rich and you only need 3-5 drops to apply on each occasion.

4. Anti-Age Collagen Face Mask (Apply morning and/or evening, 2-3 times a week as part of an anti-aging treatment)

A face mask strengthens, builds elasticity, resilience, luster and firmness in the skin. It also builds moisture levels and volume. Filled with vitamins, moisturizers, and ingredients that have a firming effect on the skin, it provides increased elasticity, smoothness, softness, smoothness, firmness, resilience and shine. Cicamed Collagen Boost Mask works best if the mask is left on, i.e. the mask works as a leave-on mask/serum and is suitable for all skin types.

5. Moisturizing skin cream

Hydration will result in a "younger" face with an amazing glow. Our skin creams contain the important ingredients that calm, moisturize and give the skin a long-term rejuvenating appearance. As we all have slightly different needs depending on skin type and the climate we live in, Cicamed have developed a couple of different options to ensure that we can offer one that suits you. Cicamed Day Antioxidant is developed for the person with normal to combined skin, and if you have slightly more sensitive skin we recommend the 24h Cream balance. After a day in the sun and for those with dry skin, we have specially developed 24h antioxidant (After Sun). Work the cream in with small circular movements.

In the evening, use Cicamed Night Antioxidant instead. It is specifically adapted for the night and will result in a fresh face with a fantastic glow. It works in depth and restores your skin by giving it a pleasant climate to rest in, while you sleep your beauty sleep! Our nourishing night cream contains important ingredients that calm, moisturize and give the skin a long-term rejuvenating appearance. Work in the treatment with small circular movements.

The first signs of aging are usually seen on the thin and fine skin around the eyes. Cicamed Eye Antioxidant helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, swelling, dark areas and bags under the eyes. Massage gently around the eyes.

6. Exfoliation and moisturizing

A thorough exfoliation with Cicamed Serum AHA is important at least 1-2 times per week to go deep and remove impurities and dead skin cells. All this helps to renew your skin and keep your face young, fresh and magically glowing.

It is important to let the skin rest for at least 5 minutes between each treatment so that all the vitamins, nutrients and active ingredients have the opportunity to be absorbed and work into the skin. In this way, your skin receives protection and well-being that will benefit you every day, all year round, for the rest of your life.

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