In addition to your daily morning and evening routine, you may also want to give your skin that little something extra. Reduce the effect of aging skin, protect yourself from the strong summer sun or restore other parts of the body's moisture balance.

1. Sun protection

Cicamed SPF Protection Booster 30+ protects your fine skin on the face against the sun's harmful UV radiation. UV radiation breaks down the skin and sun protection is therefore important to use on a daily basis. Even if the sun doesn't feel hot or if in shady conditions, UV radiation is all around us every day.

2. Moisturizing toners

Use a moisturizing toner to rehydrate your skin during the day when needed. Maybe you're sat in front of a computer screen or in a dry office environment. This is essential for your skin to keep its regular pH balance.

3. Anti-Age Collagen Face Mask

A face mask strengthens, builds elasticity, resilience, luster and firmness in the skin. It also builds moisture levels and volume. Filled with vitamins, moisturizers, and ingredients that have a firming effect on the skin, it provides increased elasticity, smoothness, softness, smoothness, firmness, resilience and shine. Cicamed Collagen boost mask works best if the mask is left on, i.e. the mask works as a leave-on mask/serum and is suitable for all skin types.

Do you want something out of the ordinary? Then the Cicamed Collagen boost mask golden edition is the ultimate and luxurious anti age mask with gold shimmer, which gives instant glow and has a firming effect.

4. Body lotion

Use Cicamed body tangerine vanilla daily to soften and moisturize the skin. Apply to the skin in circular motions. For best results, apply to damp skin after a shower/bath to lock in more moisture. You can also add a little oil to the lotion and mix it in your hand before applying to the skin. Don't forget to massage lotion into dry areas of the body such as legs, elbows and knees. Of course, the product provides guaranteed 24-hour hydration.

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